The General Situation of College of Food Science and Engineering

College of Food Science and Engineering, Shandong Agricultural University, was primarily founded in the early 1950s, and the Department of Food Science was formed in 1992. In 2000, Department of Food Science was rebuilt to College of Food Science and Engineering, which is one of the earliest establishments of similar institutions. Since the college establishment, Shandong Agricultural University has been attached great importance to the construction and development of the college. More than 2900 million RMB has been invested to the expansion of the teaching laboratory facilities and the purchase of a large number of advanced equipments, which help create an elegant and modern educational condition for the growth of students and technological innovation.

College of Food Science and Engineering consists of three departments, one research institute and one experimental teaching center, which are the Department of Food Science, Food Engineering, Food Biotechnology, Food Science Research Institute and Food Science and Engineering Experimental Teaching Center. There are 48 teaching and administrative staffs and 28 graduate student supervisors, 5 of them are selected into the list of 鈥�512 Project" second level of Shandong Agricultural University, 1 professor enjoys special allowance provided by the state council. What鈥檚 more, nine well-known experts and scholars (who come from the Chinese Institute of Food and Fermentation Industry and other research institutes, universities and manufacturers) are employed as part-time professors.

The undergraduate education is the foundation of our college, and graduate education is developing rapidly. Currently, there are 2 level 1th academic centers, which are Food Science and Engineering PhD level 1th academic center, and Food Science and Engineering master's degree level 1th academic center. What鈥檚 more, there are fermentation engineering master's degree center, food engineering master's degree center and food processing & security master's degree center. Moreover, there are 4 undergraduate majors, which are "Food Science and Engineering", "Food Quality and Safety "," Grape and Wine Project "and" Food Quality and Safety Global Business Management ". Recently, there are 1,718 undergraduates and 158 graduate students in our college.

For many years, the college has been focusing on deepening educational reform, optimizing teaching content and training model, forming a fairly complete curriculum and training system, and gradually expanding the professional coverage and adaptable ability of the majors. Our college attaches great importance to the training of the overall quality of students and vigorously supporting students to develop second classroom activities and social activities. There are many student associations, such as "Foreign Language Association", "Computer Society", "Innovation Society" and other student organizations, which help students improve their overall qualities and personalities. Students of our college are welcomed by employers because of their practical ability and excellent overall quality.

Since the tenth "Five Year" project, our college has made great progress in scientific and technological innovation and development. It has undertaken 61 national "863" project and other major national or provincial research projects, 26 horizontal projects which are commissioned by companies. What鈥檚 more, 44.16 million RMB research funds have been in place, which included 39.69 million RMB vertical funds. And our college has won 12 national and provincial scientific research awards and has been authorized 6 patents. 428 professional papers have been published, which included 75 papers published in SCI and EI. After years of efforts, the college has formed a distinctive academic strengths and characteristics. The agricultural products processing and storage engineering subject has obvious advantages; food science subject has distinctive features. The research trends of grain and oil processing, livestock products processing, garden products processing, wine brewing, food storage and logistics, food chemistry & nutrition and food quality & safety management have obtained a large number of achievements and have reached high academic standards. Food science and engineering disciplines is becoming one of the most promising subjects in the 21st century. With the development of China's industrialization, urbanization, modernization and social transformation, food science and engineering disciplines has been provided opportunities and broad prospects for development. Currently, the staff and students regard the scientific development concept as the guidance of the overall development of college construction, they thoroughly implement the spirit of the Sixth Party Congress, firmly adhere to change their work style, improve the style of study, strengthen innovation, promote society鈥檚 harmony, unswervingly uphold the attention to details, implement the plan, emancipate the mind, seize the opportunity and concentrate all strengths to promote the harmonious, fast and better development of our college in the new starting point. We will make every effort to make the advantages of Agricultural Products Processing & Storage Engineering and Food Science are more obvious and distinctive, and work hard on the building of food science and engineering talents training & technology innovation base in China.